Saturday, August 26, 2017

Dave Wannstedt Wandering Semple Street Wondering Where the Party Be

Anticipating "a real fucking banger of a weekend," former Pitt football player and coach Dave Wannstedt has been pacing Semple Street in Oakland for several hours in an effort to find a party, students reported Saturday afternoon.

Several students who reside in the area say they saw Wannstedt park his car at approximately 11 a.m. near Larry and Carol's. His motives were unknown at the time.

"I'm just hanging outside on our balcony eating some breakfast and then I see a car fly into an open spot across the street," said senior Robert Tarr. "I notice that it's Dave Wannstedt, so I'm thinking he must be here to speak at a university event or something. Next thing I know, he pulls a 30-pack of Natty Ice out of his backseat and shotguns one."

A student was able to capture a picture of Wannstedt while returning from the convenience store.
Semple Street runs from Parkview to Forbes Avenue in South Oakland, populated in large part by upperclassmen studying at Pitt. This high density of young tenants has earned the street a reputation for having an active party scene day and night. With university classes starting Monday, those who have seen Wannstedt suspect he came to participate in revelry that has yet to develop.

"I think it's clear he's here to party," said junior Melanie Eicher. "But I think he's having trouble finding people to join him. I watched him play two rounds of beer pong by himself. He kept reiterating out loud that you have to finish your beers before you throw, so basically I just watched him toss a ping pong ball and drink eight beers in about 12 minutes."

It is unclear at the time how long Wannstedt intends to continue, but reports from student residents suggest he has already exhausted several strategies to maintain his excitement.

"He look kind of bummed walking back to his car," said senior Scott Young, who lives next to Tarr. "I swear he just sat there blasting 'Low' by Flo Rida for 25 minutes while chugging a bottle of rum next to his car. Then, all of a sudden, he's running down the street with his case again, screaming, 'Pitt is it!'"

Wannstedt has always remained a supporter of the university due to his close ties to the school and Pittsburgh area: born in Baldwin, he played offensive tackle for Pitt in the early 70s. After an injury ended his chances at a pro career, Wannstedt became a graduate assistant and later served as head coach from 2005 to 2010. In brief exchanges with the former coach while he maneuvered along the sidewalk, he indicated he has no plans to relive years passed.

"I'm just here because Pitt has been an integral part of my life and I want to see to it that students have a great start to their year," Wannstedt said, intermittently sipping a beer and holding the remaining case over his shoulder. "I'm most definitely not here to get another shot at the glory days."

He paused briefly and then added, "That said, in 1973 we would had to this son of a bitch bumping right now."

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