Sunday, February 5, 2012

Alright, Somebody Seriously Needs to Figure This Shit Out

Ok, my loyal jag minions, Chuck K desperately needs your assistance. Now, typically, I let the ebb and flow of my dozen or so regular visitors run its course with minimal scrutiny regarding where people are finding my blog.

What's more, I have come to learn over time that you are bound to have a share of people come across your site by virtue of serendipity alone, meaning they will even be from other countries and continents.

Writing regularly about a sport with such deep international roots as hockey, I expected to get visitors, for instance, from Russia. But as time has passed, I have gotten a barrage of views here and there from the Ukraine, all stemming from this site:

In most cases like these, I would not give a flying fuck. Spending a brief minute looking at this site, though, I get immediately infuriated because I have no clue what the FUCK is going on. It's a bunch of bizarre, crudely-drawn comics with these absurd faces, accompanied by text all in Russian, I would guess. It harks back to some strange post-modern Lenin-era art from the Soviet Union, but for all I know, it's probably a bunch of useless shit.

Well, using the power of Google, I have indeed confirmed that it is a bunch of random useless shit. That still doesn't explain, though, why the hell Ukranians who are intrigued by strange, primitive internet art are visiting my website.

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