Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I Looked Up 'Blasfimy' in the Dictionary, Couldn't Find It: More Karstens Photo Fun

Pictured above is an extremely rare piece of art, stored away in the deepest, cavernous dungeons of the Vatican and protected by Albino-lookin druids who despise the peskiness and persistence of Tom Hanks. 

One can witness the gathering of the Apostles, as they futilely labor to determine the source of Jeff Karstens' pitching ability. A miffed Charlie Morton and deadpan Clint Hurdle can only point and utter, "It is what it is," while Andrew McCutchen and Joel Hanrahan try to calm the raucous clamoring.

If yinz look closely, you'll also see the conniving Roy Halladay whispering his filth to incite a coup and bring down Karstens in hopes of usurping his immense pitching power.

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